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Final Exam Guide for Spring 2020

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Final Exam Guide for Spring 2020 

Please refer to this announcement to prepare for Spring 2020 Final Exams.


1. Please check the website of each department to see the assessment methods of each course (in-person/online exams, alternative assignments, etc.) and exam timetables.


2. Please read the "Announcement on Academic Integrity and Dishonesty" before taking exams.

- You can find the announcement on CAU portal from June 17.


3. In-person exams will be conducted as follows for the safety of students:

A. Self-Assessment Booth

- 8 booths (Bldg. 310, 305, 102 on Seoul Campus and Bldg. 810, 808, 607, 608, 907 on Anseong Campus) will be operated and you will be asked to complete a COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire and check body temperatures with infrared cameras.

- It is recommended to arrive one of the booths at least 30 minutes earlier than your exam starts.

- Upon arrival on campus, you must practice self-quarantine procedures (hand washing, wearing a face mask and keeping distance from others). You should keep distance even when moving to classrooms.

- If you find out that you have symptoms of COVID-19, do not take exams and contact the Academic Services Team of your department and follow the instructions.

※ Please be aware that you can get punished if your answers to the questionnaire are found to be false.

· Students confirmed to have no symptoms of COVID-19 will receive a wristband for access to school buildings and classrooms. Wristbands can be used just for one day and are given on a daily basis.

B. Facility Disinfection

· All classrooms where in-person exams are taken will be disinfected right after each exam.

C. Please follow school instructions for quarantine and disinfection.


4. To prevent acts of academic dishonesty in exams, non-face-to-face exams will be conducted as follows:

- You will be required to access Zoom for real-time supervision during exams. 

- We recommend you log in Zoom 30 minutes before an exam starts and check your computer and Internet connection before exams.

- Please turn off all chat applications and other unauthorized software. If you get caught using them, it can be deemed as cheating.


5. Acts of Academic Dishonesty (Cheating)

Anyone who gets caught cheating during an exam will face penalties with zero tolerance.

- The university will impose academic penalties (failing the course, courses taken the day you got caught for cheating or all courses for the entire semester) and you can also face disciplinary penalties (probation, definite/indefinite suspension, or expulsion) depending on the severity of the violation. (If you face any penalties, you are not eligible for any scholarships until graduation.)


We ask for your cooperation to conduct final exams without any problems. Please take exams with academic integrity and we wish you good luck with your exams.


Message from President about Moving Final Exams Online

Dear CAU Community,


It’s already June and it feels like summer is just around the corner. Hope everything is fine with you.


On April 23, we made an announcement about conducting in-person final exams with a yearning that the outbreak will be contained soon and we will be able to see each other on campus at least for a short period of time during final exams. However, we have seen a rise in coronavirus cases linked to the Itaewon district and a new cluster of coronavirus cases emerged in Incheon. Instructors and students are raising concerns over taking final exams on campus and pandemic experts say that conducting in-person exams is at high risk of infection considering the severity of the ongoing crisis.


As we put your health and safety as our paramount concern, the CAU Academic Board has decided on June 2 to conduct final exams online and evaluate students based on online tests or assignments while allowing instructors to conduct in-person exams if necessary.


As you may well know, we have tried to conduct face-to-face final exams to increase the effectiveness of online learning and for fair assessment. However, it is obvious that conducting in-person exams is at high risk of infection, which has been already proven by other universities that conducted midterms offline. If we conduct final exams on campus as originally scheduled and anyone gets infected, it will lead to a bigger problem. Therefore, we will make sure to conduct final exams online while ensuring that assessments are fair and designed to help students make the most of their learning experience. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation as all decisions have been made to conduct final exams safely.


To that end, we will take the following measures:


First, we will prepare a guideline for conducting exams online promptly to minimize confusion that can arise during final exams.


Second, all departments and administrative teams will closely work together to revise final exam timetables and provide them to students as soon as possible.


Third, we will expand servers and networks to handle heavy network traffic that might occur during the final exam period.


Fourth, we will prepare a fair assessment guideline to prevent online cheating and inform instructors of how to use cheating prevention features on the e-class system.


Fifth, students and instructors who have to visit the campus for in-person exams will check their body temperatures on their arrival on campus in a separate space and all procedures needed for infection prevention will be taken, including disinfecting classrooms where exams will be conducted. Also, we will make a list of students who can’t take the exam due to high fever or other COVID-19 symptoms and make sure they will be assessed on alternative exams or assignments so that they suffer no disadvantage.


Sixth, in case of an emergency—if a COVID-19 case is found during an exam—the Central Emergency Response Committee will close down the building, separate the patient from other students and tell the patient what to do next to get tested, postpone the exam following the university emergency protocols and make necessary announcements to all members of Chung-Ang University on the emergency.


Additionally, we will continuously check if there are any communication issues in online learning or if students are provided with sufficient support for their graduation projects. If there is any inconvenience or difficulty, the university will make best efforts to fix it.


Dear CAU Community,


The outbreak seemed to be waning but concerns over a second wave of infections are growing. We understand your fear and anxiety about the ongoing crisis as no one knows when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. But you have stayed strong, providing unwavering support to us and following our guidelines with no doubt. I would like to thank you all for your immeasurable contribution once again. We will keep you updated with new announcement made for further class operations.


I hope the outbreak will be contained as early as possible and we can see each other on campus. I wish you the best of health.



CAU President

Park Sang Gue