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About CAU Introduction 3depth

글자 확대축소 영역

Chung-Ang University's Commitment to SDGs

Chung-Ang University(CAU) suppoerts the Sustainable Development Goals

Upholding the spirits of ‘Justice and Truth’, Chung-Ang University(CAU) has set its vision to nurture ‘Global Creative Leaders’ who will lead the sustainable development and innovative changes for human society.

CAU’s vision is in line with the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) that the world citizens want to achieve together.

In a quest to fulfill social responsibility, CAU has committed to support and promote the principles of the SDGs in four ways as below.

First, we will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to understand and address the challenges of the SDGs.

Second, we will encourage and undertake research necessary to address the challenges of sustainable development.

Third, we will align university governance structures and operational policies with the aims of the SDGs.

Fourth, we will support local, national and global implementation of the SDGs by facilitating cross-sectoral dialogue and action.