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About CAU Introduction 3depth

글자 확대축소 영역

College of Education

The College of Education offers theoretical and practical curriculum of teacher education focused on developing personalities and abilities of individuals. Students in the college acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude to become competitive teachers who make contribution to our nation.

  • Fax+82-2-815-4467
  • Office#503, bldg.203
  • Department of Education
    The Department of Education was established in 1947 as the first department for teacher education among Korean private universities. Students in the Department of Education learn theories on improving public education quality and fostering competitive talents.
  • Department of Early Childhood Education
    Through all-rounded, and creativity-centered education, the Department contributes to raising the quality of childhood education and thus help improve children’s life, ultimately realizing a healthy and happy society.
  • Department of English Education
    The Department of English Education offers specialized curriculum of Linguistics (Phonetics, Syntax), English Literature (English novel, English poem), and Teacher Training Courses (Educational psychology, English Teaching Methodology) to develop students into English education professionals and excellent English teachers.
  • Department of Physical Education
    The Department of Physical Education provides a wide range of education including classes that develop students into physical education teachers, and classes that train implementing educational methods. All classes provided in the department is focused on nurturing physical education leaders.