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Message from the President about Moving Classes Online for the Remainder of the Spring Semester

관리자 2020-04-24 Views 657


Message from the President about Moving Classes Online for the Remainder of the Spring Semester 

Dear CAU Community,


Spring has come, but a cold snap is continuing this week. Please take good care of yourself.


As you may well know, the university has decided to delay the start of semester by 2 weeks to protect all members from COVID-19, which is spreading around the world. On March 16, we extended the online class period until the end of midterm upon consultation with pandemic experts. Thanks to your kind understanding and support, we have been providing seamless online classes. From April 20, we have provided face-to-face classes for certain practice-based courses following quarantine guidelines provided by the government. I would like to thank you all for your immeasurable contribution once again.


So far, for seamless campus operations, the CAU Academic Board has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic as follows:


 Jan 28 (Tue): Created a COVID-19 Epidemic Response Committee chaired by Vice President for Healthcare System and a Central Emergency Response Committee led by Vice President for Administration in response to the outbreak.


 Feb 4 (Tue): Delayed the start of semester by two weeks while cancelling the entrance ceremony and postponing commencement ceremonies to follow the recommendations from the COVID-19 Epidemic Response Committee, which were made after the government raised the country’s disease alert level to the highest from “Orange” to “Red.”


 Feb 25 (Tue): Decided to move classes online for the first two weeks of the Spring semester due to the worsening COVID-19 situation while expanding the e-class system and preparing online class materials.


 Mar 19 (Thu): Decided to extend the online class period by additional two weeks and adjusted the class end date of practice-based courses to July 10 for flexible scheduling. 


 Apr 1 (Wed): Decided to move classes online until the 8th week of the Spring semester considering the high risk of infection and provide offline classes for practice-based courses from April 13 (Mon) following government safety guidelines.


Fortunately, Korea has been handling the ongoing crisis successfully, seeing a decrease in the number of confirmed cases to under 10 for the last 6 days. However, there are still reports about untraceable infections, symptom-free cases, recovered patients testing positive again and ongoing community spread of the virus. The public health authority has officially announced that there is still a possibility of an unexpected exponential increase in confirmed cases, urging citizens to keep social distance. Considering that COVID-19 spreads easily and there are still no vaccines yet, no one can ensure the safety of the CAU community on campus.


Here are the announcements on how the university will operate the campus from the 8th week:


With the principle of putting your health and safety as our paramount concern, which I have emphasized from the early stage of the outbreak, and upon consultation with pandemic experts, the CAU Academic Board has decided on April 23 (Thu) to move classes online for the entire Spring semester and provide face-to-face classes for practice-based courses under certain conditions. Considering current circumstances, it seems to be difficult to resume offline classes no matter how thoroughly we disinfect school facilities.


We have decided to take the following measures for moving classes online for the remainder of the Spring semester:


First, there will be no change in what we have already notified in the previous announcement—using the absolute grading system, allowing instructors to cancel the midterm, measures to maintain the quality of lectures, support measures for students with disabilities and instructors’ online class preparation methods.


Second, even though classes are moved online for the entire semester, final exams will be conducted face-to-face. Since keeping a safe distance during exams will require more spaces, the official final exam period will be extended by one week, taking place from June 22 to July 3 while instructors will be allowed to schedule their final exams between July 3 and 10 for flexible scheduling. Also, we will see if we can offer on-campus accommodations to students living far from the campus during the final exam period and announce later on how international students staying outside Korea can take final exams.


Third, students graduating this August will be exempted from submitting their English/Chinese Characters exam certificates required for graduation considering the canceling of such exams and students having difficulty taking them.


Fourth, we will keep you updated with if there are any decisions made regarding moving classes online for the 2020 Summer Term depending on the severity of the outbreak.


Fifth, course evaluation questions will be adjusted to better suit online classes. We will check how well non-face-to-face classes were provided and reflect students’ feedback on those questions to further instruction.


For face-to-face classes that will be offered under certain conditions for practice-based courses, we will keep you updated with new announcements after consulting with each department.


Dear CAU Community,


There have been many issues in moving classes online. However, fortunately, students have reported a relative high level of satisfaction on the quality of online classes. It has been possible thanks to the efforts and contributions made by all our students, faculty and staff members who have had to adapt to remote instruction. I deeply appreciate your kind understanding and support.


I am grateful that our careful consideration has led us to make right decisions. The university will provide as much meaningful support as it can to offer quality lectures. Our experience and know-how we earned to overcome the ongoing crisis will be an intangible asset that will help us wisely get over future challenges. I ask for your continued interest and support.


Dear CAU Community,


The unexpected COVID-19 crisis has significant implications for society as a whole. It has brought a devastating social and economic impact, changing our lives in a myriad of ways. As nobody can avoid a paradigm shift in the post-COVID-19 era, Chung-Ang University will be thoroughly prepared for it by keeping a close watch on how the outbreak unfolds and its impact.


Let’s pool our wisdom and overcome this outbreak until the day we see each other on campus. I wish you the best of health.


CAU President

Park Sang-Gue