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About CAU Introduction 3depth

글자 확대축소 영역

College of Arts

The College of Arts is the best and the only comprehensive college of arts in Korea that has educated and produced a number of talented artists through continued research on new patterns of arts and strong industrial-educational cooperation. The college offers interdisciplinary studies and intensified programs, instilling students with emotions and creative mind.

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  • School of Performing Arts and Media
    The School of Performing Arts and Media is home to faculties, students, and alumni who are exerting efforts in their fields to maintain the school’s reputation as the academic institution that suggests an ideal model for the education of arts. The school aims to harness the synergistic effect of three different artistic genres such as writing, performing, and filming and become a leading art education institution in the digital era.
  • School of Fine Art
    The School of Fine Art has always been on the frontline of paradigm shifts in fine art education, pursuing new ways of expression as well as providing theoretical approach. Students of the school develop their artistic emotions through educational curriculums on forms and contents of fine art and establish their own ways of doing art.
    Korean PaintingFine-Art SculptureFaculty
  • School of Design
    The School of Design sets its educational direction to achieve the development of arts and culture as a professional industry, and aims to be a ‘thinking’ academic institution that excels in research and education. Through those efforts, the school is training students as global design leaders with artistic sensitivity and problem solving abilities.
  • School of Music
    Based on the spirit of "Justice and Truth", the School of Music cultivates the best musicians who can display their abilities in the international arena and embrace the diversity of the global culture in the era of globalization.
  • School of Korean music
    The educational goal of the School of Korean Music is to train students as ‘multifaceted artists’ equipped with practical artistic skills. By offering curriculums focused on enhancing students’ performance and improving their teaching skills, the School is expanding the pool of Korean music experts and contributing to the globalization of the field of Korean art.
  • School of Global Arts
    • Nurture creative talents with global mindWe aim to lay the educational groundwork to improve students’ knowledge and experiences in wide-ranging areas including visual arts, games, animation and music. The curriculum will inspire students to grow into global talents for next generation.
    • Provide forward-looking education programsThe forward-looking, future-oriented and creative education programs will motivate students to develop themselves into the artists welcomed by the world.
    • Promote hands-on education programs in curriculumStudents will be able to experience various on-site education programs that will widen their scope of work and maximize the efficiency.
    • Foster can-do spirit and experimental mindsetYoung artists will be encouraged to make a high level of artistic achievement with experimental mindset that will make them into global professional artists with passion and determination.
    • Develop global mindThe curriculum provides opportunities to learn communication skills and global mind to build careers in the international arena.
    • Personality, Humanity and Enhance ethics educationHuman nature and professional ethics of Artists are essential these days. Our education will help students grow into responsible leaders who know how to communicate and empathize with the people.

    Department of TV Broadcasting & Entertainment

    Department of TV Broadcasting & Entertainment seeks to find young talents with the global mind who will be the leaders of a new era. We aim to nurture students into professional artists in popular arts, dynamically expanding their career across TV and other fields of media. We provide students with a diverse curriculum in response to the ever-changing media environment of today. Our education program focuses on providing hands-on experiences and training to ensure our students are fully inspired to show their creativity in directing and planning in TV shows and entertainment. Chung-Ang University has a long history of leading the arts education in Korea. Based on such tradition, we will offer students with the opportunities to experience the latest facilities and new technologies. Our educational capacity in performing and film arts has been acknowledged to be one of the best in Korea. This is one of our strengths that makes it possible for us to foster young artists into global creators and artists.

    Department of Applied Music

    The Applied Music major in the Bachelor of Arts degree program is designed for educating global professional musicians who build professional knowledge for understanding the role and functions of popular music in current society, and play a leading role in spreadingKorean culture and securing competitiveness in 21st century cultural contents for the art industry through various musical training such as composition, vocal, instrument and computer music. Especially, the function and role of music in the 21st century modern society celebrating the 4th industrial revolution is deviated from previous musical role which is performing and appreciating, and has been expanding to computer music, movie, TV drama, and internet of things using smartphone. The school of Global Art at Chung-Ang University aims to cultivate global professional musicians with convergence talents through various curriculum.

    Department of Game Contents & Animation

    Nowaday, games and animation are accelerating the ongoing media convergence through the development of the Internet and mobile technology. Among the cultural industries mediated by digital technology, games and animation require to create the new and dynamic visuals which demand designers who have digital sensitivity and equip with an understanding of new media contents and entertainment.

    The major of game contents & animation aims to cultivate creative and competent designers who will be able to apply design applications centering on cutting-edge fields such as digital illustration, game, animation, and fusion design education, special effects, interaction design and computer animation. Through rigorous and practical training, students will be ready to lead the arts culture.