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글자 확대축소 영역

Foreign Registration

All foreign students must apply for the Alien Registration Card (ARC). It may be easiest to think of your Korean visa as the first step. It is the document that gives you permission to leave your country and enter Korea. Step two, is obtaining the ARC which is an official registration with the Korean government that you are a student, housed in a certain location, and not doing anything illegal.

Students must apply within 90 days from the arrival date. For foreigners who granted status or change of status at the time when such permissions were given.

  • Foreigners intending to stay in Korea for more than 90 days after entry
  • Students are strongly recommended to apply for Alien Registration soon upon their arrival. You are legally protected upon foreigner registration. Those without Foreigner Registration may have limits on activities.

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Application form (downloadable at the Immigration Office homepage)
  • 1 photo (3cm x 4cm)
  • Approximate Process Fee: KRW 30,000 (Government Revenue Stamp)
  • A certificate of Enrollment
  • TB results (from public health center)*

China, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia.

Issuing an Alien Registration Card

  • Alien Registration cards are issued at the Immigration Officeunder appropriate jurisdiction
  • Use your dorm address to send it to.
  • Upon receiving your ARC, you must bring it to the International Office to make a copy of the front and back.

Re-issuing an Alien Registration Card

  • Reasons for re-issuance
    • Lost or stolen registration cards
    • Damaged registration cards
    • Lack of space for necessary items to be displayed
    • Changes in details on the existing card (name, sex, birth date or nationality)
  • Application for re-issuance must be made within 14 days of above reasons occurring
  • Required documents for re-issuance - Passport - Application form for re-issuance of Alien Registration card - Document stating reasons for re-issuance application (indicate the place where lost) - 1 color photo (3cm x 4cm) - Old registration card (if an existing card is rendered useless from wear/tear, lack of space, or change of details arise as per Article 35 Section 1 of the Act) - Approximate Process fee: KRW 30,000 (Government Revenue Stamp)
  • Re-issuance location: Local Immigration Office

Returning an Alien Registration Card

The Alien Registration card must be returned to the immigration authorities upon your exit from Korea. This can be done at the airport as you pass through immigration. If you fail to surrender your ARC there will be complications leaving the country and hefty fines.

Carrying an Alien Registration Card

  • All foreigners must carry a passport, visa or a foreigner registration card while in Korea (Those under 17 are exempt from this duty).
  • All foreigners must comply with requests to display a passport or a foreigner registration card by immigration officers or other such public officers (including public administrators of city, province, or town), if they are performing their official duties. (registration related duties)
  • Failure to comply with such requests will result in punishment as according to the Immigration Act Article 27.

Reporting Changes of Particulars of an Alien Registration Card

If any of the following changes happens to registered foreigners, they must report it to the local Immigration Office within 14 days from its occurrence. Changes that must be reflected in an Alien Registration card.

  • Name, sex, date of birth or nationality
  • Passport number, date of issuance or expiration date
  • Details of the organization (including name changes) that visa holders belong to
  • Change of residence address

Required Documents

Report to the local Immigration office with the necessary documents. It may be made in person or through an appointed agent.

  • Passport and Alien Registration card
  • Application form of Report on changes of particulars of Alien Registration card(downloadable at Immigration Office homepage)


If a registered foreigner fails to make the aforementioned changes to the alien registration card within 14 days of the change, he or she will be considered to be in breach of the Immigration Act Article 35, and will be fined accordingly.