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About CAU Introduction 3depth

글자 확대축소 영역

Chung-Ang University, creative talents to contribute human society

The Global Creative Leader, CAU

Contribution to human society
  • Leading the sustainable development and innovative changes of mankind
  • Restless efforts for the future and preparation for the next generation
  • Taking a step forward to prepare for the rapidly changing world with vision of leading the future
Creative talents
  • Talents with not only creativity, convergent thinking and multiple potentials, but also with artistic sensitivity based on cultural imagination
  • Creating new value based on the expertise in various fields
  • Creating together with students, professors, staff and alumni
Chung-Ang University
  • Hyper-connected infrastructure, the main focus of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Global leading knowledge and outstanding talents connected to each other, with active academic exchange & cooperation
  • With Chung-Ang University in the center


2030, Global Top Tier University

Outstanding performances and global reputation in the fields of human & physical infrastructure research, education and internationalization, etc. that are foundation of sustainable growth

Knowledge PioneerUniversity that leads the future through knowledge creation
  • Contributing to the mankind by developing innovative research performances leading the future
  • Creation of research synergy through expansion of convergence & complex base
  • Acceleration of knowledge production and expansion through omni-directional cooperation
Student SuccessUniversity leading the success of the students
  • New paradigm of innovative education provided for the future generation
  • Opportunities for various experiences provided to increase the educational performance
  • Accomplishment of career goal is supported through student support system throughout the entire period
Connected CampusGlobal-hub university connecting the world
  • True international environment cultivated to embrace online & offline
  • Promotion of physical & chemical convergence between talents of various cultural backgrounds
  • Reinforcement of mutually reciprocal exchange activities through strategic partnership with foreign universities


3ON (Triple-ON)




  • Focused development of main research groups

  • Development of research cooperation activation model

  • Innovation in practice-centered curriculum

  • Innovation in student-centered curriculum

  • Global campus establishment


Through practice of super-connectivityConnected
  • Global talents are connected, socialized, and communicating for cooperation

  • As the global-hub of education and research, innovative performances are created

  • Practicing the keyword in the period of 4th Industrial Revolution, super-connectivity

Leading the innovation of future universityAdvanced
  • Preparing for the future one step ahead of others

  • Creating new knowledge and research performances through convergent & complex education and research

  • Leading the change in the future industry through advanced academic-industry cooperation

Pursuing harmony and win-winUnited
  • Exceeding the boundaries of academics to cooperate freely

  • Strengthening the trust & respect between the members through the culture of good communication

  • Acknowledging the diversity between the members to pursue win-win within the development

As the practical entity joined under the CAU2030's goal, we lead the future of higher education based on the innovative mind