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About CAU Introduction 3depth

글자 확대축소 영역

College of Business & Economics

The College of Business & Economics sets its educational direction on producing globally-minded businessmen to be equipped with the practical knowledge of effective communication skills and full awareness of their social responsibility to become future leaders.

  • Fax+82-2-817-4891
  • Office#301, bldg.310
  • School of Business Administration
    The School of Business Administration boasts its long history and tradition as the first educational institution in Korea to offer the curriculum for business administration. The School has also produced a number of entrepreneurs, management experts, Government policy makers, as well as scholars who are actively engaged in every sector of our society.
  • School of Economics
    In pursuit of truth and social justice, students in the School of Economics not only study Economics theory but also participate in various activities for the community. The educational objective of the school is to equip students with an economist’s view point and the right understanding of economic phenomena, ultimately encouraging them to practice social justice.
  • Department of Applied Statistics
    Students in the Department of Applied Statistics learn theories of statistics, computer skills, and data analysis to bolster their analytical and critical power. With its exceptional faculty, continuous improvement on research facilities, and various incentives for research activities, the Department of Applied Statistics shapes students into expert analysts who can help resolve problems in society through their analytic skills.
  • Department of Advertising and Public Relations
    Aside from being the first and best department in the field, the ultimate goal of the Department of Advertising and Public relations is to produce competitive workforce who will lead the local advertisement and PR industry. The Department trains the students to grow into future leaders and apply their communication skills to contributing to the welfare of individuals, community, nation, and humanity.
  • Department of International Logistics
    The Department of International Logistics was founded with the educational goal of training students as core expert group in the international logistics market who can cope with the global business environment and take part in achieving the national goal of establishing Korea as “the Logistics Hub of East Asia.”
  • School of Global Knowledge-based Administration
    In line with its “Pre-MBA” concept, the School of Global Knowledge-based Management utilizes case studies of the field as a part of its curriculum. Every student in the School is assigned to a team project, where the team should submit an analysis on a certain management issue by the time of their graduation. The school pursues learner-centered education by providing online classes and summer/winter sessions.
  • Department of Industrial Security
    The term Industrial Security refers to the multidisciplinary studies aimed at protecting tangible and intangible assets (technology, human resources, equipment and information, etc.) owned by an organization and preventing possible loss. The studies cover not just the conventional education system -- which tends to be limited to the protection of IT asset-based technological information ? but, more importantly, a wide range of activities to protect industrial assets from various complex acts of violations from the viewpoint that security is a crucial part of business organization and management. The courses provided in this department are aimed at producing creative, technically integrated security leaders who can provide values of protection and safety for state infrastructure (facilities for power generation, air transportation, broadcasting and telecommunication, etc.), high technologies (defense industry, research institutes, etc.), and key corporate assets (design drawings, programs, patents, etc.).