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About CAU Introduction 3depth

글자 확대축소 영역

College of Engineering

The main goal of the College of Engineering is to nurture our students' leadership and responsible attitude based on 'Justice and Truth', our university's educational philosophy, and educate them to be leaders in the information society.

  • Fax+82-2-817-9131
  • Office#317, bldg.310
  • School of Social Infrastructure System
    The School of Social Infrastructure System aims to contribute to sharpening the competitiveness of our cities, providing the optimal infrastructure, and designing the best urban environment through promoting our research and teaching programs about planning and maintaining human settlements, and restoring social infrastructure.

    Department of Civil Environmental & Plant Engineering HOMEPAGE
    Department of Urban Design and Studies HOMEPAGE
  • School of Architecture and Building Science
    Through the program which fulfills the required standards of Korea Architectural Accrediting Board, the School of Architecture and Building Science seeks to produce talented engineers with sense of responsibility who will take charge of improving architecture and developing our nation.
  • School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science
    Students in the School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science not only take part in developing new material but also thoroughly study the theories related to the process of its development so that they can afford to become professional leaders whom the industry of the field is looking for.
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
    In the modern industrial society, the development of Mechanical Engineering is an essential prerequisite for the growth of other fields of industry. The School of Mechanical Engineering is the place where students realize their ideal and dream by pouring out passion into their studies.
  • School of Energy System Engineering
    The goal of the School of Energy Systems Engineering is to provide a breadth of integrative engineering education to foster global leaders specialized in electric power generation and energy industry. The school aims to equip students with engineering expertise on various energy and systems through the provision of specializations in nuclear power, mechanical power and electrical power engineering.
  • School of Advanced Materials Engineering
    The goal of the School of Advanced Materials Engineering is to nurture talented individuals who will assume crucial roles in the field of advanced materials. Through our comprehensive education and training programs, which encompass both theories and practical applications, students will acquire the necessary expertise and knowledge to become global leaders in cutting-edge industries related to advanced materials, such as energy, semiconductors, sensors, displays, aerospace, national defense, and more.