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About CAU Introduction 3depth

글자 확대축소 영역

College of Medicine

CAU’s College of Medicine was established in 1971 as the Department of Medicine; based on CAU’s founding philosophy of Justice & Truth, the goal is to cultivate medical personnel with mature occupational ethical belief and professional abilities. To this end, various educational methods such as reorganization of new curriculum and knowledge, ethical education, integrated education, and clinical skills & practice are used to cultivate talented medical personnel into true professionals with talent and character. In 2005, CAU Medical Center was opened in Heukseok-dong with hi-tech facilities. In March 2011, Yongsan Hospital was transferred, and Dajung Hall (Annex Building) was completed to turn CAU Medical Center into an 840-bed hospital. In addition, CAU Medical Center is making efforts to enable new change and value creation through the thyroid center, spine center, digestive center, cardiovascular center, and health promotion center with top-tier medical team and equipment in Korea.

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  • Department of Medicine
    CAU has 5 detailed concepts of talents based on the philosophy of Justice & Truth to cultivate talents with refinement and professional knowledge to contribute to national society and with the vision to contribute to the prosperity of the country and mankind (autonomous cultured persons, practical professionals, experimental creative persons, practical persons of service, and open-minded cultured persons). Accordingly, the College of Medicine is establishing the following 3 detailed concepts of talents under the ultimate educational goal of“Cultivating Medical Personnel of Harmony.”