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CAU Da Vinci Campus Chungchoon Student Council Holds “Da Vinci, Chungchoon STAY with ESG/SDGs”

관리자 2024-06-11 Views 147

The 66th “Chungchoon (Youth)” Student Council of Chung-Ang University (CAU)’s Da Vinci Campus held the “Da Vinci, Chungchoon STAY with ESG/SDGs” event on the 5th.

The event was held to commemorate Environment Day. Following last spring's cultural event, the student council planned, organized, and ran the venue to encourage students to experience a variety of activities for a sustainable future.

At the event, booths were lined up at the Da Vinci Campus where visitors can experience the importance of environmental protection. A representative case is “Youth Workshop,” a booth where visitors can upcycle old clothes to make string bags and scrunchies. Participants brought in their old clothes and turned them into something with a new purpose. 

“FSMA,” an academic club of food engineering majors at the College of Biotechnology and Natural Sciences, prepared snacks that demonstrated their concerns about sustainable food and provided them to visitors. They introduced a variety of menus that help reduce food waste and protect the environment, including jams made from watermelon rind, pancakes made from coffee beans, sweet and sour rice cakes made from b-grade rice with low commercial value, and low-sugar chocolate bars.

The “Yogi Jogging, Running” event, in which participants enjoy running together within the campus, also attracted great attention. It was a novel chance to not only take care of one's health through exercise, but also to enjoy the beauty of the campus and socialize with people around the campus.


Various unique booths and programs were also introduced at this event. The “Transcription CAU” booth, which transcribes literary works that directly or indirectly deal with ESG and SDGs, was prepared in collaboration with the Da Vinci Campus Academic Information Center. At the “Chungchoon Exchange,” participants donated and exchanged stories and unused items. At “Save the Earth with Upcycling Tree.P,” participants can exchange plastic caps with key rings and Jibbitz made with upcycled waste plastic. The “Spacing Out Booth” and “Booknic” sections allowed students to rest their tired brains from excessive information. 

Yoon Gyuran, president of the Da Vinci Campus Student Council, said, “We hope that this event served as an opportunity for students to feel the importance of ESG and SDGs and learn various ways to put them into practice for a sustainable future. The ‘Chungchoon’ Student Council will continue to plan activities for a sustainable future.”