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Office of International Affairs Successfully Hosts “CAU Global Fair,” a Cultural Exchange Event for Exchange Students

관리자 2024-05-21 Views 221

“CAU Global Fair,” a cultural exchange event where exchange students from Chung-Ang University (CAU) can promote their alma maters and home countries, and spread global culture in the CAU campus, was successfully completed. 

The CAU Global Fair for the first semester of 2024 was held at the outdoor plaza of Building 310 (100th Anniversary Memorial Hall) for two days, on the 9th and 10th.

The CAU Global Fair is an annual festival held by exchange students with the support of the International Exchange Team of the Office of International Affairs. Exchange students from sister schools share information about their home country’s culture and university life through the global fair. Other than giving CAU students the opportunity to experience the cultures of various countries, it can also stimulate the students’ interest in the exchange student program.

The theme was “OUR-LYMPIC.” Two hundreds exchange students from 100 sister schools in 35 countries participated in the event. In line with the theme, the event was led by participants visiting booths of each represented country, collecting national flag stickers to fill the circle of the Olympic rings in the pamphlet, and then drawing prizes at the GLAM & GSI booth.

On the 9th, the “Tongue Twister” was held, where participants read sentences in English within 40 seconds. The “Bul-dak Challenge,” in which prizes were given to students who quickly ate Buldak Bokkeum Ramyun, one of the spicy ramyun products, was also held, attracting the attention of many participants.

On the 10th, “BLUE-MING DAY,” the first exchange event between CAU and Hanyang University exchange students, was held at the soccer field in Building 310. Activities included ball rolling, card flipping, relay races, and gourds breaking. Exchange students experienced Korean culture through the leisure sports competition.

Substantial information exchange on overseas universities was also held. Various booths were set up, including overseas exchange student booths, management booths, and a special stage. Questions about exchange programs and seasonal semester courses at overseas universities were also addressed at the OIA Booth hosted by CAU’s Office of International Affairs.


The Global Ambassador (GLAM) led the overall process, from preparation to implementation of the activities in the event, further promoting exchanges between CAU students and exchange students. Under the leadership of GLAM, CAU students freely expressed their talents in board game programs and stage programs.


President Park Sang-Gue visited the event on the 10th and communicated with students. He offered support and encouragement, while visiting the booths set up by the exchange students. He also took pictures with the CAU exchange students and those from Hanyang University who were participating in sports competitions.


President Park said, “I am glad that the exchange students from our university and Hanyang University enjoyed participating in the event. I hope that you have many new experiences at our school.” 

/Reported by Chuang-Ang Sarang, 32nd class Yoo Hyunkyung (Sophomore, Department of English Literature), and Lee Jungmin (Sophomore, Department of Economics)