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글자 확대축소 영역

Student Visa(D-2)

It is the responsibility of the student to use the Certificate of Admission received from Chung-Ang University to obtain a student visa (D-2 visa), which is needed to attend Chung-Ang University. Student visas are issued at the Korean consulates, usually overnight. They can be extended in Seoul, without having to leave Korea, if time will allow.

Required Document

  • A photocopy of passport
  • Application for Visa Issuance
  • Certificate of Admission issued by CAU
  • Certificate of the latest scholastic achievement
  • Certificate of bank balance
  • Census registry(Only applicable to Chinese - All family members must be listed)
  • Passport
  • Fee (single-entry visa: $50, multiple-entry visa: $80)
  • Additional document may be required depending on the embassy or consulate.