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An Analysis on Security Systems for Electronic Information for Establishing Secure Internet of Things Environments: Focusing on Research Trends in the Security Field in South Korea

관리자 2020-02-24 Views 1703

As information technology internalizes into products and services, security risks that are different from existing circumstances are also being simultaneously occurred. In order to cope with this problem, diverse security technologies are being developed, however, appropriate taxonomy regarding security technologies has not yet been organized, which led to difficulty in effective security management activity as repetitive function is offered for each security system. This study carried out a meta study on security technologies that have been processed to this day and conducted inter-connectivity analysis and differentiation analysis. As a result, it is expected to make contribution by being utilized as basic data for effectively internalizing a security technologies while minimizing security risk regarding future convergence products and services(Connected Car, Smart Factory, Fin-Tech). Moreover, it is evaluated to have established an academic framework which enables specific security technologies to have identity and connectivity and make improvement by logically organizing a security technologies jumbled in security market. 

This research result is published in 'Future Generation Computer Systems(IF 5.768)' on April, 2018, which has the highest rank in international journal within computer science fields of study(ranked top 8%).