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Notice on Academic Operations for 2022 Spring Semester

관리자 2022-02-03 Views 6255


Notice on Academic Operations for 2022 Spring Semester


Dear CAU Community,


First of all, we would like to express gratitude to all the students who have worked hard in their studies despite the difficult situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to the faculty and staff who have been committed to working in their respective positions to ensure that the last two semesters would be completed without interruption.


One month has passed since the start of the new year, and a new semester is just around the corner. We would like to inform the CAU community members of the academic operations guidelines for the 2022 spring semester which were determined by the university headquarters after careful consideration.


Chung-Ang University decided to offer spring 2022 classes in person at the latest CAU Academic Board meeting on January 27. The decision was made by taking into account various factors, including the Ministry of Education’s announcement in the “daily life recovery plan for higher education” that schools should in principle offer classes in person. Accordingly, not only undergraduate theory classes, but also lab experiment or practice-based ones and graduate classes will be conducted in person.


However, for the safety of the CAU community members, undergraduate theory classes may be conducted remotely depending on the number of students enrolled in the classes. Classes with more than 40 students will be offered remotely. However, classes with more than 40 students may be offered in person, subject to the dean’s approval, if safety is ensured in the form of rotational attendance or hybrid classes. The type of class, either in person or online, will be notified after February 18 when the course registration is completed and the exact number of students enrolled in each class can be identified.


If classes have to be conducted remotely, professors or instructors must provide video lectures synchronously. This is because the value of communication between professors and students through synchronous lectures is precious.


We plan to change the student evaluation method in tandem with in-person classes. The method will switch from the absolute grading scale to the relative grading scale B type (A : less than 50%, A+B less than 90%). In addition, students were temporarily exempted from submitting their English/Chinese Characters/Korean Language exam certificates required for graduation due to the COVID-19, but will be required to submit them again for graduation.



Dear CAU Community,


We are facing a criticial time of restoring daily life as students will return to in-person classes in two years after remote classes were conducted from the 2020 spring semester. There could be mixed opinions and reactions regarding the change in class method depending on the environment and circumstances of each CAU community members. We would like you to remember Chung-Ang University is not just a place to take lectures, but a place where students develop non-curricular competency as important as curricular competency, attain holistic growth through communication with professors and classmates, and develop potential through various experiences.


Even if in-person classes are conducted, we will continue to place top priority on CAU community members’ health and safety. In order to provide a safe class environment for in-person classes, we plan to comply with the government guidelines and strengthen quarantine measures such as classroom quarantine, thermal imaging camera, and temperature check. We will closely monitor COVID-19 cases as well as the government guidelines to be announced by the Ministry of Education in February, and in the event of any change, we will promptly notify students of such change.


Dear CAU Community,


In the meantime, we have been walking through a dark tunnel that seems to have an end in sight but is never-ending. Nevertheless, we were able to demonstrate safe academic operations over the past four semesters without being frustrated thanks to all of you who always worked together and supported the decision of the university headquarters. At a time when it is difficult to delay our daily life recovery any longer, we ask you to support Chung-Ang's new journey to regain what it was like prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We look forward to the day when we will meet CAU community members in good health on campus. We wish you a happy holiday. Thank you.


President Park Sang-gue

Provost and Executive Vice President for Research Paik Joon-ki

Executive Vice President for Administration Lee San-ho

Executive Vice President for Anseong Campus Choi Jae-won

Executive Vice President for Healthcare System Hong Chang-kwon