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CAU-Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation Signs MOU for Carbon-Neutral ESG to Take Lead in Realizing a Carbon-Neutral Society

관리자 2023-09-04 Views 1124

Our university has partnered with the Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation to take the lead in realizing a carbon-neutral society.


The Signing Ceremony for Realizing Carbon-neutral ESG between CAU and the Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation (hereinafter “Net Zero Foundation”) took place on August 24th in the Executives Conference room on the 3rd floor of Hall 201 (Main Hall).


The ceremony was attended by key individuals from the Net Zero Foundation, including Chairman Jang Dae-Sik and Vice Secretary General Kim Sang-Hee. President Park Sang-Gue, Executive Vice President for Administration Lee San Ho, and Head of Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Koh Jung Hyuk warmly welcomed the guests.

This agreement represents the shared commitment of our university and the Net Zero Foundation, one of the branches of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to address the climate crisis and contribute to sustainable development through carbon neutrality. For this goal, the agreement focuses on actively promoting solutions and implementation programs for climate, environmental, and energy issues.


Both organizations aim for this agreement to facilitate mutual exchange in seeking solutions for reaching sustainable carbon neutrality and invigorating action plans.

The specifics of the cooperation include participation in practical actions related to climate, environment, and energy, information exchange and mutual cooperation for climate change response, joint regional projects for carbon neutrality and sustainable development, promotion of public actions through exchanges with institutions, and other collaborative efforts recognized as necessary by both organizations.

The Net Zero 2050 Climate Foundation, which signed the agreement with our university, is a non-profit corporation dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 through reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The Foundation is currently engaged in various activities, including establishing and operating a carbon reduction technology platform, formulating a general carbon neutrality plan for local governments, organizing university-research joint research for carbon neutrality, publishing magazines, establishing a global climate network, and conducting education, promotion, and tree planting campaigns. 


Chairman Jang stated, “I am delighted to join hands in addressing sustainable development and responding to environmental and climate change. I look forward to our cooperation making a substantial contribution to carbon neutrality.”


President Park Sang-Gue said, “The ever-intensifying climate change crisis underscores the urgency of carbon neutrality. This agreement will serve as a driving force for practicing carbon neutrality.” He also expects this agreement between the two organizations to be a significant step forward in advancing the realization of carbon neutrality, both locally within our university and globally on the international stage.