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Enhancing Competitiveness in Basic Science: Faculty Researcher Appointment Ceremony with KBSI

관리자 2023-05-25 Views 2107

Chung-Ang University has laid the groundwork to enhance the university's competitiveness in basic science.


On May 22, the 2023-1 Faculty Researcher Appointment Ceremony took place at UC (University Club) on the 11th floor of Hall 102 (College of Medicine and R&D Center Building).


The event followed the order of Opening Remarks, Granting of Appointment Letters, President’s Remarks, Closing Remarks, a commemorative photo shoot, and a follow-up event.



For the ceremony, 12 faculty researchers from KBSI (Korea Basic Science Institute) visited CAU and 10 CAU faculty members attended. President Park Sang Gue, Provost Paik Joon Ki, Dean of Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs Changhui Kang, and Dean of Research Support Chun Hyang Sook were present to encourage the faculty researchers.



During the ceremony, appointment letters were granted to the 12 faculty researchers from KBSI: Sun Hee Kim (Department of Chemistry), Young Joo Lee (Department of Chemistry), Han Do Kyung (한도경, Department of Chemistry), Kwan Soo Hong (Department of Chemistry), Jo Ji Joong (조지중, Department of Advanced Material Engineering), Ki Soo Chang (School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering), Kim Hae Jin (School of Integrative Engineering), Geum-Sook Hwang (School of Pharmacy), Seongsoo Lee (Department of Systems Biotechnology), Young-Ho Lee (Department of Systems Biotechnology), Jeong Ah Kim (School of Medicine (Clinic)), and Jong-Soon Choi (School of Medicine (Fundamental)).



This appointment of faculty researcher stems from the cooperation agreement previously signed earlier this year between CAU and KBSI. Through the agreement, the two institutions have committed to leverage their strengths to promote academic research exchange and mutual development, with researcher exchange being one of the key components. In line with this commitment, the purpose of this exchange is to facilitate joint research and education and to further enhance research achievements by pairing lead researchers and senior researchers from KBSI with professors from our university.



President Park Sang-Gue said, "The faculty researcher system will greatly assist in ensuring research continuity and support your endeavors," expressing his unwavering support for their achievements in both research and education by establishing a joint steering committee with KBSI.