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Academic-Research Exchange Agreement Signed Between CAU and ETRI for Revitalizing Academic-Research Exchange and Mutual Development

관리자 2023-04-21 Views 1152

Chung-Ang University (CAU) and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) have laid the foundation for mutual cooperation to cultivate and nurture future talents who will drive the development of science and technology in Ksaorea.


On April 14th, the "Academic-Research Exchange Agreement Ceremony for Revitalizing Academic-Research Exchange and Mutual Development" was held in the conference room on the 3rd floor of Hall 201 (main building) of the Seoul Campus between CAU and ETRI.

Attending the signing ceremony were Bang Seung Chan, President of ETRI, Min Ok-ki, Director of the research division, and Lee Il Min, Assistant Vice President. University officials including President Park Sang-Gue, Provost Paik Joon Ki, Executive Vice President for Research Choo Jaebum, Director Jeon Hyang-sook of the Office of Research Support, Dean Baek Kwang-Hyun of the College of ICT Engineering, and Head Song Sang-Hun of the Next Generation Semiconductor Sharing University Project Group were also present to welcome the guests.


Through this agreement, the two institutions have committed to further promoting exchanges and cooperation for mutual development in order to grow and develop into global institutions suitable for the era of the fourth industrial revolution. The agreement paves the way to nurture talented individuals and achieve research results, through joint research project planning, winning research projects, implementing joint research, sharing facilities and equipment, providing field practice and education opportunities, offering joint guidance on papers, and establishing a global research network.



ETRI, which signed an agreement with our university, is a leading ICT research institute in Korea celebrating its 47th anniversary this year. As a comprehensive research institute at the forefront of shaping Korea’s future, ETRI has made significant strides in various fields, including patent registration and technology transfer. Its strengths in ICT technology, which is the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution, make it an even more promising specialized institution.

Meanwhile, CAU has recently emerged as a research-oriented university by winning various government financial support projects in the fields of advanced science and technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), system semiconductors, carbon neutrality, and biomedical science. This partnership creates expectations for the synergies that can be achieved by combining our university’s personnel resources with ETRI’s outstanding infrastructure and performance.


Bang Seung Chan, President of ETRI, said, “I hope that this agreement will lead to the creation of world-class research results through the exchange of human and material resources between the two institutions. I hope that this will serve as a starting point for cultivating excellent future talents who will drive the development of science and technology in Korea, as well as become a model example for revitalizing academic-research exchanges.”


President Park Sang-Gue said, "I am honored to enter into an academic-research exchange agreement with ETRI, a globally renowned institution. This agreement will provide an excellent opportunity for Chung-Ang University to expand its reach and influence in the field of science and engineering." He added, "In the fourth industrial revolution era, Chung-Ang University is boldly pushing forward in various cutting-edge science and technology fields such as AI, system semiconductors, and bio. I hope this agreement will enable the university to achieve its aspiration of becoming a research-oriented university and ETRI to create new levels of achievement that take it to the next level."