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CAUH Opens ‘Human-IT Research & Clinic Center’

관리자 2014-08-08 Views 1007

Upgrading ‘Clinic for Game Dependency’ by strengthening academic-industry research function

Chung-Ang University Hospital (CAUH) opened the ‘Human-IT Research & Clinic Center (“Research Center”)’’ in the CAU Medical School Building on Aug 6.

In June 2011, CAUH opened Korea’s first \'Clinic for Game Dependency* ("Game Clinic"; 게임 과몰임 상담치료센터) that specializes in treating game dependency and since then decided to install a separate research center within the Medical School to strengthen the research function of the existing clinic.
Sponsored by the Korea Creative Content Agency under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism along with the Game Culture Foundation and CAU Academic-Industry Cooperation, the new Research Center expands the scope of the existing Game Clinic that concentrates on symptom and treatment research and focuses on academic-industry research to explore the effects and treatment methods that IT applications such as internet games and smart phones have on human life and physical condition through multidisciplinary approach and research based on objective evidence.

CAUH’s Game Clinic and Research Center are led by Head Director Lee Young-Sik (CAU Dept of Neuropsychiatry Professor) and Team Leader Han Doug-Hyun (CAU Dept of Neuropsychiatry Professor) respectively with specialists including psychiatrists, nurses, clinical psychiatrists and social workers working in rooms for counseling, psychiatric evaluation, virtual reality therapy, art therapy, art & sports therapy and analysis model research lab within the Research Center and provide practical solutions on dealing with the game dependency issue by treating the psychosocial and biological factors causing the issue and operate a game analysis model and panel research program for game users.

The Research Center will collaborate with Korea University’s Department of Psychology and develop a game analysis model by analyzing multiple areas including individual’s cognition, emotion, brain activity and characteristics of humanities and art fields. Linking this with game use pattern, the Research Center will operate a specialized program on game dependency treatment and develop healthy gaming practices and functional games. Also, a prospective study on IT use in adolescents and their families in relation to living conditions, gaming practice, media and leisure activity, individual characteristics and lifestyle will be conducted in collaboration with Konkuk University, Seoul National University and Ajou University Hospitals followed by a panel research on game users.

CAUH President Kim Seong-Deok said, “I think the establishment of the Research Center in part of the project on unbiased research and systematic prevention solution concerning game-related issues is meaningful given our society’s latest interest in the misconception and truth about the game industry,” and continued, “We will strengthen the existing treatment and related research on game dependency and at the same time improve the national psychological health and support the IT industry to become an international treatment and research facility that befits Korea’s image as the leading country in IT and game industry.”
*Unofficial English name.
Translation of press release by CAUH on Aug 7, 2014