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CAU’s OIA Holds Farewell Ceremony for 2018-2nd Semester Student Exchange Program

관리자 2019-01-09 Views 763

A farewell ceremony for 2018-2nd semester exchange students was held in the auditorium located on the third floor of R&D Center, also known as Building 102, at 4 p.m. on December 21st, 2018 (Fri). This event was prepared to present a completion certificate to incoming exchange students who had studied for one year or one semester at Chung-Ang University (CAU) and congratulate them for successful completion of the exchange program. Some 200 people including Vice President for International Affairs Hong Jun-hyun attended the farewell ceremony.


The ceremony started with the congratulatory remarks by Vice President for International Affairs Hong Jun-hyun, followed by valedictory speeches by representative exchange students from Seoul and Anseong Campuses, a valedictory speech by a Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) student, conferring a completion certificate on exchange students, presenting a certificate to the CAU Global B Scholarship student, and commemorative video viewing.


Vice President Hong said in his speech, “I can see your happy faces. Maybe it’s because now you go back to your home and are looking forward to seeing your family and friends. I hope that you cherish what you learned and experienced here at Chung-Ang University after returning to your home. In addition, since you all became a full-fledged member of CAU, please don’t forget to promote our university.”



Fajar Wahono from Indonesia’s Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology gave a valedictory speech as a representative of Anseong Campus exchange students, saying, “I had a blissful time at CAU during the last semester. Those whom I met on CAU campus feel like family to me.” The representative student also boasted about the beauty of Anseong Campus, saying “If you have any chance to visit Korea in the future, please take some time to look around Anseong Campus. Then, you will see how beautiful the campus is.”


On top of this, Neha Soni from Ryerson University–a Global B Scholarship student as well as exchange student advisor–was awarded a certificate of merit in recognition of her contribution to not only helping international students to better adapt to a new campus life, but supporting academic affairs of the OIA over the past one year. Neha bade farewell to friends and staff, saying, “I can never forget each and every moment spent at this university,” and introduced Mark Oliver Belocura from San Francisco State University who will support the OIA as a next Global B Scholarship student from 2019-1st semester.


Lastly, a farewell video, prepared by the OIA’s global ambassadors, was played on the screen. After the video viewing, exchange students expressed their appreciation to global ambassadors for supporting them by secretly preparing a video as a surprise present.


At the end of 2018-2nd semester, approximately 300 exchange students return to their home countries. Another 430 students are set to arrive on CAU campus and start their study program from 2019-1st semester. It is hoped that inbound exchange students from more different countries of origin come and study at CAU next semester.