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Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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CAU IACF Signs Cooperative Agreement with Lotte Food and Lotte R&D Center

Name 관리자 Date 2018.04.16 Hit 283

20180404중앙대-롯데중앙연구소 MOU_CAU_7574.JPG

Chung-Ang University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation (CAU IACF)–directed by President Kim Won-yong–signed an agreement with Lotte Food, led by Lee Young-ho, and Lotte R&D Center, led by Kim Yong-soo, on Apr 4th, 2018. This agreement on joint research and academic collaboration enables both parties to develop not just a food product for relieving rotavirus diarrhea in infants and young children, but a high-functional probiotics using microbiome research.

President Kim Won-yong of CAU IACF and many executive members from Lotte Food and Lotte R&D Center attended the signing ceremony, which signifies both parties' strong will to pursue research collaboration from now on.

CAU’s medical research institute and BK21plus Skin Barrier Network Human Resources Development Team under the leadership of President Kim Won-yong of CAU IACF, together with Lotte R&D Center, have conducted joint research so as to develop a food product containing lactobacillus, known as to be effective for ameliorating and preventing rotavirus diarrhea that has been rapidly increasing across the globe these days. As this research area has garnered much attention as a new growth engine, CAU will continue to conduct joint research projects and clinical experiments to develop a probiotic food product utilizing microbiome technology.

The two parties now laid the foundation for pursing academic collaboration and exchanges in earnest based on this agreement, which specifies the following items: (i) joint research on developing anti-rotavirus lactobacillus for infants and young children, (ii) joint research on developing a high-functional probiotic product that improves chronic diseases with the utilization of microbiome research, (iii) clinical experiments in relation to the joint research area and nurture of related research personnel, (iv) advisory on the joint research area and exchange of technical information, and (v) promotion of a new product developed through the joint research and initiation of public utilities.

President Kim Won-yong was looking forward to a fruitful result arising from this joint research project, saying, “Joint research between CAU’s medical research institute & BK21plus Skin Barrier Network Human Resources Development Team and Lotte will contribute to improving national health and further advancing Korean industries through the development of innovative microbiome technology and nurture of related professionals.” Lotte R&D Center viewed joint research and academic collaboration with CAU as a meaningful step forward, stating, “There will be a growing number of research projects related to not just the prevention of viral infections in infants and young children, but development of food products using microbiome technology. As such, our center will pursue a variety of research collaboration in this regard.”

20180404중앙대-롯데중앙연구소 MOU_CAU_7585.JPG

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