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Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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Photography Exhibition “New Generation: CAU Photography” Is Held As Part of a Plan to Celebrate Its Centenary

Name 관리자 Date 2017.10.18 Hit 325


The opening ceremony of a photography exhibition entitled “New Generation: CAU Photography” was held in preparation for next year’s centennial celebrations of Chung-Ang University (CAU) in the lobby of Centennial Hall (or Building 310) at 11 a.m. on October 16th, 2017 (Monday). Key members of the university leadership including President Kim Chang-soo, the executive directors of 100th Anniversary Committee, Office of Planning & Budget, Office of Faculty & Academic Affairs, Dean Kwak Dae-Young of the College of Arts, Chair Lee Yong-hwan of the School of Performing Arts and Media, Prof. Chun Kyung-woo, Prof. Sascha Pohle, Prof. Gustav Hellberg, Prof. Silas Fong, and Prof. Dirk Fleishmann participated in the ceremony to celebrate the opening of the photography exhibition. In addition, Pirkko Siitari–the director of Finnish National Gallery–and Jukka Järvinen–a photographer–attended the opening ceremony.

Team Manager Yoon Hyung-won of 100th Anniversary Committee served as the host of the opening ceremony, and the order was as follows: delivering welcome speech, introducing photographers, taking a group picture, and viewing the exhibition.

CAU_7953.JPG CAU_7968.JPG

This photography exhibition was organized by 100th Anniversary Committee to celebrate the centenary of CAU’s foundation. CAU graduates of the School of Performing Arts and Media, who are renowned on the global stage, took part in this meaningful event, and their photographic works of high standard are on show in the exhibition. “New Generation” in the exhibition’s title refers to a new generation who has its root in the historic identity. This exhibition will be on show in fifteen cities of eleven countries–Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, China, Russia, Ireland, Poland, Italy, India, and Korea–over the next five to six years, and CAU is where the exhibition tour began.


Dean Kwak Dae-Young said, “These photographic works represent the lack or breakdown of communication in the digital era. The lobby of Centennial Hall, as CAU’s landmark place, is well-known as the communication hub of the university. As such, I believe that this place is the most suitable place to display these photographic works, which were produced under the title of “New Generation.” I also look forward to seeing further outstanding performance and exhibition taking place in this Centennial Hall.”


Afterwards, President Kim Chang-soo expressed his feelings, saying “This event is especially timely and meaningful in the sense that it not only celebrates the 99th anniversary of CAU’s foundation, but serves as a stepping stone to next year’s centennial celebrations. Furthermore, this exhibition can be shared with our community members, which enabled them to engage in the process of enriching university culture. As such, I would like to extend my gratitude to the photographers for submitting their great works to the exhibition. My special thanks also go to both 100th Anniversary Committee and the Department of Photography of the College of Arts for making this event possible.”


Following the welcome speech, Prof. Chun Kyung-woo guided the participants around the exhibition, giving an explanation of photographic works and introducing photographers.


This photograph exhibition will be held in the lobby of Centennial Hall until November 16th, 2017.

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