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Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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Lee Chan-jae, a student of CAU ICT Engineering Graduate School, Receives Excellent Paper Award at the ICTC 2017

Name 관리자 Date 2017.10.13 Hit 246


[Left: Lee Chan-jae, a student of CAU ICT Engineering Graduate School, 

Right: Prof. Lee Jung-ryun, an advisor professor of Lee Chan-jae]

It was announced that Lee Chan-jae on a Master’s degree course at School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, College of ICT Engineering, Chung-Ang University (CAU)–whose advisor professor is Lee Jung-ryun–would receive the Excellent Paper Award at the International Conference on ICT Convergence (ICTC) 2017.

The ICTC is an international academy in the field of ICT convergence technology, organized by the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences (KICS) and co-hosted by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE). This year’s ICTC, as the 8th conference, will be held in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and among approximately 500 papers submitted from all around the world, 300 papers will be published at the conference.

CAUnews_FTPC-U _수정1차.png

Lee Chan-jae, who currently pursues the Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, discovered and analyzed an algorithm, where flocking theory led him to ensure the fairness in wireless body area networks based on the Quality of Service (QoS) of an application applied to a body sensor node. He submitted his research achievement entitled “QoS-based Interference Mitigation Scheme in Wireless Body Area Networks” to this year’s ICTC, and through a blind review process, it was selected as one of five excellent papers among a total of approximately 500 papers submitted.

Lee Chan-jae said, “First of all, I am hugely honored to receive the Excellent Paper Award at the ICTC. I faced lots of challenges in the process of conducting research on the wireless body area network. However, whenever I did so, my advisor professor encouraged me and guided me into the right direction. As such, I would like to extend my gratitude to my professor for supporting me. From now on, I will strive to concentrate on my research activity and make the utmost effort to deliver fruitful results in this regard.”

Prof. Lee expressed his thoughts, saying that this research achievement held much significance, since it laid the foundation for mitigating wireless interference in wireless body area networks in a manner that user experience is mainly taken into account.

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