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Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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CAU’s OIA Holds 2017 GKS for ASEAN Together with CAU’s School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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The Office of International Affairs (OIA) and the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Chung-Ang University (CAU) held 2017 Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) Program for ASEAN for a period of five weeks from July 10th to August 11th, 2017, where they invited ASEAN member countries’ undergraduate students who study science and engineering to provide a training program. Second-year, third-year, and fourth-year undergraduates who major in science and engineering can apply for this program. This year, students from ten ASEAN member countries–Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, whose students are known to prefer studying in Korea–participated in the program. Among them, 24 students from Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Myanmar attended the training program provided by CAU.


GKS Program for ASEAN has been hosted by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) since 2015 in an effort to further attract ASEAN students studying in Korea. The NIIED designated five universities–Chung-Ang University, Kyung-Hee University, Cho-Sun University, Kei-Myung University, and Chungnam National University–to implement this program. CAU was selected as a training institution in 2017 by the NIIED, following last year.

This five-week training program consists of taking major courses of CAU’s School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, taking part in a mentoring with graduate students of CAU’s School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, attending special lectures on the Korean Studies, and participating in activity programs, in which ASEAN students can experience Korean society and culture.

20638451_1947335998812662_480918792073308950_n.jpg KakaoTalk_20170725_133714709.jpg

A participant who studied at CAU under 2017 GKS Program for ASEAN said, “I had a chance to participate in electricity, electric wave, and telecommunication-related training program offered by outstanding professors of CAU’s School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Under this training program, I took major courses related to mobile communication and electricity, which enabled me to have an understanding of Korea’s technological progress and advanced learning culture.”


A farewell ceremony of 2017 GKS Program for ASEAN was held at Kyung-Hee University’s Global Campus located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province from August 9th (Wednesday) to 11th (Friday), 2017. A total of 120 participants who studied at five Korean universities attended the farewell ceremony. Although this year’s program ended, CAU will go the extra mile for attracting participants to CAU’s graduate programs. In order to do so, CAU plans to further promote its graduate programs and continue to provide consultation on admissions for participants. Indeed, one Cambodian student who attended 2016 GKS Program for ASEAN will join a Master’s course of CAU’s School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in fall semester of this year.


Other than GKS Program for ASEAN hosted by the NIIE, CAU’s OIA also implements short-term international programs such as International Summer Program and International Winter Program on a regular basis as well as other short-term international programs designed for its international partners. 

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