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CAU Signs a Cooperative Agreement with Seoul Dongjak Police Station

Name 관리자 Date 2017.08.04 Hit 302


CAU Law School signed a cooperative agreement with Seoul Dongjak Police Station to pursue university-government collaboration in Dongjak district at a meeting room located on the 2nd floor of Seoul Dongjak Police Station on Aug 1st, 2017 (Tuesday).

Police Chief Choi Jong-sang, Manager Kim Tae-gyun of Criminal Investigation Division, Manager Go Kyu-chul of Women & Juvenile Affairs Division, Manager Ahn Sun-mo of Detective Division, and Manager Lee Jung-chan of Intelligence Division from Seoul Dongjak Police Station and Dean Yi Jong-yeong, Associate Dean Lee Gyoo-ho, and Senior Manager Han Mi-sun from CAU Law School participated in the signing ceremony of the cooperative agreement between the two institutions.

This agreement is particularly meaningful in the sense that Seoul Dongjak Police Station first established a cooperative agreement with a university in Dongjak district. This agreement enables CAU Law School students to take part in practical training and visit programs delivered by Seoul Dongjak Police Station. In the meantime, Seoul Dongjak Police Station will also benefit from people-to-people exchange with the faculty of CAU Law School, which would ultimately lead to improving investigation capability.

Police Chief Choi Jong-sang said, “It is hoped that, based on this agreement, the two institutions continue to strengthen cooperation by sharing practical knowledge and encouraging CAU students to participate in the practical training program provided our police station.”

In response, Dean Yi Jong-yeong said, “Some of CAU Law School graduates applied for police jobs while some police officers entered law schools. As such, CAU will capitalize on this opportunity and spare no effort to enhance exchange and collaboration with Seoul Dongjak Police Station so that the two institutions can go hand in hand.”

Following the signing ceremony, members from the two institutions looked around Seoul Dongjak Police Station and spent time discussing how to accelerate mutual growth.

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