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Research Paper on Superlattice Al2O3/ZnO, Published by Prof. Lee Sang-kwon and His Research Team, Appears in Nanoscale

Name 관리자 Date 2017.06.12 Hit 529


     [Prof. Lee Sang-kwon]                  [Park No-won]                             [Lee Won-yong]

Chung-Ang Unviersity (CAU) research team, led by Prof. Lee Sang-kwon of Department of Physics, recently succeeded in developing a thermoelectric generator through studying the film structure of superlattice Al2O3/ZnO.

This research was mainly driven by two CAU students named Park No-won and Lee Won-yong who are currently in the doctoral program in a joint effort with two other students named Park Tae-hyeon and Ahn Jae-young. In addition, Prof. Yoon Young-gui of Department of Physics, CAU and Prof. Park Jin-sung of Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Hanyang Unviersity took part in the research. This research result was featured on the front cover of the online publication of Nanoscale(IF= 7.760), a prestigious journal in the nanomaterial field, issued on June 2nd, 2017.

The research team successfully formed the superlattice structure after discriminately adding thin (0.8nm) film structure of Al2O3 to zinc oxide film structure so as to achieve a better thermoelectric efficiency than existing film structures. This enables the research team to cause phonon scattering and ultimately develop a film structure with relatively lower thermal conductivity. Based on this, the research team was able to develop a thermoelectric generator with 220% higher performance than the existing thin-film thermoelectric generators.

Prof. Lee Sang-kwon said, “This research achievement holds a lot of significance in the sense that the thermoelectric generator with the superlattice structure was first developed and our team found the related measurement technology.” Prof. Lee added that based on this research achievement, his team would embark on follow-up research to form a thermoelement with alignment structure with the purpose of enhancing performance. If this technology becomes a reality, this can be utilized as a supplementary battery capable of attaching to wearable or biometric devices.

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