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Professor Jung Hong-sik Receives National Merit Award for Improving the Legal System

Name 관리자 Date 2017.02.06 Hit 914


Professor Jung Hong-sik (CAU Law School) received the national merit award for improving the legal system, presented by the minister of justice, on December 31th, 2016.

Professor Jung participated in the amendment of the Foreign Legal Consultant Act and the enactment of the Arbitration Industry Promotion Act, both of which were carried out under the leadership of Ministry of Justice, as a commissioner. In the process, Professor Jung contributed to upgrading the legal system. In addition, Professor Jung worked as a commissioner of the Research Committee on the International Trade Law, run by Ministry of Justice. He was dispatched as a government delegate in relation to the enactment of international conventions and norms, and engaged in negotiations with other countries’ delegates. As such, Professor Jung won the award for protecting the national interest of Korea.

Professor Jung’s major fields are the International Trade Law, the Private International Law, and the international arbitration. Professor Jung is actively engaging in comprehensive cooperation between the academic and business communities. As part of an effort to do so, he recently published his book related to the overseas construction and infrastructure development.

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