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Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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Housing of Seoul Campus

Seoul Campus (as of April 1, 2012)

Housing Options(402 rooms; capacity: 898)
Housing Options(402 rooms; capacity: 898)
Male Students Female Students
Number of Rooms (Type) Capacity Number of Rooms (Type) Capacity
168 (double) 336 182 (double) 364
21 (quad) 84 26 (quad) 104
3 (double for persons with disabilities) 6 2 (double for persons with disabilities) 4
192 Rooms, 426 Students 210 Rooms, 472 Students
402 Rooms 898 Students in Total
Application Procedures

Students will be selected according to their academic performance. (last semester GPA) Students can apply for dormitory housing in February and August. Relevant information will be posted on the CAU Webpage [], will be announced in the CAU newspaper, and will be e-mailed as a form of CyberNewsletter from the Student Affairs Team during the vacation.

Dormitory Facilities
  • LAN and Internet service available
  • Access to foreign TV channels (English, German, Chinese, and Japanese)
  • Study rooms
  • Computer lab
  • TV, VCR, and vending machines at the lounge on each floor
  • Showers and washing machines on each floor
  • A weight-training center, an aerobics room
  • Phone line accessible in each room
Guide to Dormitory Life
  • If you have a problem or are encountering difficulties, you are advised to ask your roommates or buddies for help before the dormitory supervisors. If the problem is not solved within the dormitory, you may ask help from the International Center.
  • Blankets and pillows must be turned in at the guardroom before departure for home.
    Compliance with the dormitory rules is required.
  • Notices of the dining schedule, dormitory events, and relevant rules will be posted on the bulletin board.
    You may also ask the dormitory supervisors for relevant information.
Housing of Anseong Campus

Anseong Campus (as of April 1, 2012)

University Housing offers various housing options to create a college-culture environment unique to CAU. Approximately 2,000 students or 20% of the Anseong campuspopulation choose to stay at the university housing.

Housing Options (965 rooms; capacity: 1947)
Housing Options(964 room; capacity;2,33)
Male Students Female Students
Building Number of Rooms
Capacity Building Number of Rooms
Yeji 1 115(double) 230 Myeongdeok 1 176(double) 350
Yeji 2 115(double) 230 Myeongdeok 2 177(double) 351
Yeji 3 181(double, triple) 384 Myeongdeok 3 191(double) 382
Student Welfare Center 10(double) 20
Total 421 864 Total 544 1,083
  • Every building has a study room, a computer room, a seminar room, and a lounge, and there is free Internet access in each room. Also, there is a fitness room and a lounge equipped with computers with Internet connection, a free photocopier, and a refrigerator at the Student Welfare Center.
  • The theater Cine-house, equipped with a 200-inch screen and sound facilities, is open for presentations and performances during the week and shows movies on weekends. Also, there is a driving range, a tennis court, a convenience store, an optical store, and a cosmetics store.
Applying for University Housing

Selection Standards

  • 1) New Students (1st year students)
    • Students whose home is far from the campus are given priority.
    • Thereafter, the available rooms are assigned according to the total points for academic records and the distance of the campus from the student’s home.
  • 2) Continuing or returning students
    Depending on the availability of houses, the total points for the previous GPA and the distance of the campus from the student’s home are used as bases for housing assignment.
  • 3) The priority order for selection
    ① students with disabilities
    ② state subsidy recipients
    ③ persons of distinguished services to the state, or their children
    ④ foreign nationals
    ⑤ Korean nationals living abroad
    ⑥ model dorm residents
    ⑦ executive in the dorm resident committee

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