Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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Visa & Immigration information

Visa & Immigration information

Student Visa(D-2)

It is the responsibility of the student to use the Certificate of Admission received from Chung-Ang University to obtain a student visa (D-2 visa), which is needed to attend Chung-Ang University. Student visas are issued at Korean consulates, usually overnight. They can be extended in Seoul, without having to leave Korea, if time will allow.

As of 2016 August, the process for the students to proceed for D-2-6 visa has changed. After the online application process, CAU will upload all of the necessary information regarding applicants into the government system. If there셲 nothing wrong with your information, the immigration office will send us the issuance number for each of the applicants. We will send this issuance number to you and you will visit the Korean consulate near you with your passport to get your visa. Some students will be asked to prepare extra documents, so please make sure you call the Korean consulate before your visit.

The documents required to prepare for the online application will be announced via email.

Student Visa(D-2) Extension

Foreign Students can apply for the VISA extension 2 month before your VISA expired date. You have to visit International Office at Seoul campus at least 2 weeks before your VISA expire date to apply your VISA extension.
Please try not to exceed allowed days of visit. if not, you might be punished or get penalty on your VISA status from the immigrant office.

Required Documents
  • Passport
  • Foreign Registration Card
  • Application Form (available at the immigration office)
  • Certificate of Enrollment (International office will provide)
  • Transcript (International office will provide)
  • Receipt of tuition fee payment (International office will provide)
  • Bank Statement (minimum 3,000,000 KRW) or Guarantee letter
  • Fee (60,000 KRW)

Alien Registration

All foreigners who intend to stay in Korea for over 90 days must obtain a Certificate of Alien Registration from the Seoul Immigration Office. The application for such certificate costs 10,000 won (about USD10) and requires three passport-size photos.

Required Documents
  • Passport
  • Three passport-size (3.5x4.5 cm) photos
  • Accomplished application form for alien registration (available at the Seoul Immigration Office)
  • Certificate of Enrollment

One to two weeks after submitting the application documents, the student will be issued the Alien Registration Card, which the student should always carry. A copy of the card must be submitted to the International Center.

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