Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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Expenses & Scholarships

Expenses & Scholarships


The tuition is waived for international exchange students, but students are responsible for their housing and meal costs unless the exchange agreement has a waiver provision.
Dormitory/apartment housing is available for all exchange students. Two students usually share one twin room. Each student is provided with a bed, a desk, a closet, and Internet access.

The estimated expenses are as follows:

The estimated expenses
Books and Supplies $ 500
Meals $ 3,000
Personal Expenses $ 2,400
Transportation $ 500
Housing $ 3,600 *
Total $ 10,000

For those receiving housing allowance, subtract this item from the total.

Scholarships and Benefits

The numbers of recipients of the following scholarships are limited, and scholarships are offered on a merit basis.

General benefits
  • A. Tuition waiver
  • B. Accommodation arrangements according to the agreement with the partner universities
Special Scholarships

The numbers of recipients of the following scholarships are limited, and scholarships are offered on a merit basis.

  • CAU Global Scholarship
    • Eligibility : Native speaker of English
    • Amount : 960,000 ~ 1,500,000 Korean won per semester
    • Duration : 12 weeks per semester
    • Activities : 8,10 or 12 weekly hours of an internship as a Conversation Partner in the Global Lounge, or as an Administrative Intern at the Office of International Affairs, or other offices in CAU.
  • Accommodation and stipend for Asian and African students

    The conditions may vary according to the agreements with the respective partner universities.

Other benefits
  • Free cultural activities (CKEP: CAU Korea Exploration Program)and field trips to historic sites and tourist attractions throughout Korea.
  • Regular courses specially offered for international students in the area of Korean culture and language
  • Opportunities to experience Korean culture through top-rated university programs in the areas of art, culture, music, and folklore

DUO-Korea Fellowship for European Exchange Students

DUO-Korea Fellowship for European Exchange Students

DUO-Korea Fellowship Program was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting exchanges of people between Korea and European countries (only the 27 EU member-countries) on a balanced and permanent basis. In this respect, DUO-Korea requires that a PAIR (two persons) of students, teachers, and professors be exchanged in the framework of a cooperative project.

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Czech
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germary
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
Core Principles of DUO-Korea Fellowship applications
  • Pair exchanges

    two-way exchange of people between two educational institutions, one from Europe and the other from Korea;

  • Standardized stay duration in “unit”
    • for students, one unit is one semester (four months)
    • An €8,000 fellowship amount for students is subsidized per pair for one unit (four months).
Duration and amount of DUO-Korea Fellowship

DUO-Korea 2010 applies to the exchange projects that will start from August 2010 and will end before September 2011, to avoid duplicating the implementation period of the exchange projects selected by DUO-Korea 2011. The selection of DUO-Korea 2010 exchange projects is made ONLY once a year.
Those who are planning to exchange in Fall Semester 2010 or Spring Semester 2011 should apply for DUO-Korea 2010. For more information, go to

For more information, go to

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