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Korean Language Institute

Korean Language Institute

CAU Korean Langauge Program

The CAU Korean Language Program started in October 2004, and hosts over 2,000 students from all around the world each year at both Seoul and Anseong campuses. It offers tailored courses for international students who are aiming to achieve TOPIK (Test Of Proficiency In Korean) certificates, in order to gain CAU Undergraduate/Graduate Admission, and it is able to satisfy international students who simply want to improve their Korean language skills. It features integrated classes that incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing to improve communication and problem-solving skills while in Korea. Our classes are delivered by qualified lecturers using customized textbooks created by our own research instructors. The instructors and office staff are always paying close attention to the students’ lives, both inside and outside the campus, so that they can focus on their studying while in Korea.

Class Period & Hour

4 terms per year (10 weeks/term, 5 days/week , 4 hours/day)

2015년 1월 학사일정
Term Class Period Application Deadline
Spring 4th week of March ~ End of May Mid-January
Summer 4th week of June ~ End of August Mid-April
Fall 4th week of September ~ End of November Mid-July
Winter 4th week of December ~ End of February Mid-October
Levels & Subject
  • 6 Levels between Level 1 (Beginner) and Level 6 (Advanced)
  • Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary & Grammar (Integrated)
Extra-curricular Activities
  • Indoor and outdoor cultural activities : visiting historic sites and tourist spots, watching performances, taking one-day class (Kpop dance, Korean traditional food, Taekwondo, etc.), and other various interesting activities
  • Language Exchange Program with CAU Korean students

Merit-based Scholarship / CAU-enrolled students Scholarship


Available on both Seoul campus and Anseong campus (Residents on Seoul campus will be selected on first-come-first-serve basis)

Contact Information

TEL : 82.2.820.6490, 6492

E-Mail :

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