Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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Registration Period and Method

The registration period for a semester is three weeks before the beginning of the semester.
Registration can be done via a computer with an Internet connection on the “Campus” Web registration system (

Registration Period and Method

To find out all the registration regulations, log on to “Campus” and select subjects from the subject guide.
Type the subjects that you selected, and confirm them.

Registration Guidelines

  • The whole registration process should be completed by the students online after consulting with the professors.
  • As the registration procedures are computerized, the students are responsible for their subject selection.
  • Repeated subjects will only replace the previously taken courses and will not be counted towards the graduation credit requirement.
  • Students may not take subjects with overlapping schedules.
    Note that some subjects have an enrollment limit.
  • Students may take the core subjects offered by other departments as electives, but if the subjects are intended for the upper-division students and have a prerequisite subject, the students must first take the prerequisite subject.
  • Students must earn the required credits of general, prerequisite, and core subjects, respectively, according to their respective curricula. If they fail to do so, they will not be allowed to graduate even if they have exceeded the graduation credit requirement.
  • Students are advised to follow the curriculum guide according to their class standing.
  • Students with a 140-unit requirement for graduation should take a minimum of 17 units to be eligible for a scholarship, and students with a 132-unit requirement should take a minimum of 16 units. The applicable unit requirement for seniors is 13.
  • Students are responsible for completing their own registration. Those who paid the tuition and took the midterm and final examinations in a subject without having registered for it will not receive any grade for such subject in the transcript.

Confirming the Registration

  • A student will not receive credit for a subject if his/her Web registration does not reflect that he/she is taking the subject even though he/she is attending classes therein and has taken the midterm and final examinations in it.
  • Students should attend the particular section of a subject that they enrolled in. If they attend another section of the same subject, their grade for that subject will be “F.”

Academic Load

Academic Load
GPA in the Previous Semester N Number of Units a Student is Allowed to Take
4.00 or above 21 units
Below 4.00 18 units
  • The number of units that a student can take depends on his/her GPA in the preceding semester.
    The students in the College of Pharmacy and College of Medicine, however, are required to have a normal full-time load regardless of their preceding GPAs.
  • The normal full-time load for the students in the College of Pharmacy is 18-21 units.
  • The normal full-time load for the students in the College of Medicine will be determined based on the curriculum.
  • The minimum full-time load is 15 units (eight units for seniors).

Add & Drop Period

One week after the beginning of each semester

Add & Drop Procedure

To add and/or drop subjects, the students should log on to (
(the campus system) during the add-and-drop period to modify their registration.

Pay attention to the following :

  • The students must make sure that their registration details are correctly reflected online.
  • The students should also check for class status changes, including section changes and cancellation.
  • The students are allowed to add classes only if there are remaining enrollment slots.
  • The students are solely responsible for their registration. Those who receive an “F” mark due to registration errors will not be eligible for scholarship.
  • The university may partially delete or modify a student’s registration in the case of violation of the registration rules.


The withdrawal period is the fifth week after the beginning of the applicable semester. Students must maintain a minimum load of 12 units (eight units for seniors) after withdrawing subjects. It is recommended that the students log on to “Campus System” and confirm their class enrollment by clicking on the “Confirm” icon to fix their enrollment information.

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