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Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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History History

  • Foundation of chung-Ang Kindergarten
  • Chung-Ang as a Professional Education Institution
  • Dr. Louise Vim and Dreams of Chung-Ang
  • Development and Oppression
  • Korean Uberation and the Roles of Chung-Ang
  • Chung-Ang as a University
  • Improving the Quality of the University
  • Paving Stones for the Future
  • Expansion of the Second Campus and the Years of Throe
  • Chung-Ang’s New Era with the Chairman Dr. Hee-Su Kim
  • Byproducts of Democratization and the Confusion in the University
  • Paving Stones for the Realization of the School’s Educational Philosophy
  • Establishment of Dragon 2018 and Its Accomplishment through MBO Method
  • Constructing the New Chung-Ang through Creation and Integration
  • Chung-Ang University, From the Center of Korea To the World

Constructing the New Chung-Ang through Creation and Integration

It has been three years since Dr. Bum-Hoon Park was appointed the 12th president of Chung-Ang University under the motto "To construct a New Chung-Ang through Creation and Integration." As the University rapidly expanded, there had been little time for it and external entities to reflect on and reassess the quality of the school’s educational efforts. This came to such a point that the Ministry of Education often gave the University direct and indirect pressure to take corrective measures with respect to both the direction and methods of its operation. Especially, the University participated in many projects to educate and train its human resources. Examples of these projects are the Fostering Graduate School Project, which concentrated on the fields of law, medicine, and business administration; 2-Step Brain Korea 21, which focused on the fields of science technology and liberal arts; the University Restructuring Support Project, which provided financial support to the efforts to integrate similar fields and raise enrollment, and the University Specialization Support Project, which supported the University’s choice of its own areas of specialization. As a result of demands and challenges, CAU 2018, which inherited the Dragon 2018 project and reflected the needs of the era, was announced as the development plan for Chung-Ang University to train intellectuals with "righteousness and truth," nurture world-class research groups, and execute practical international collaboration and social contribution. To implement CAU 2018, the school promoted its BEST Implementation Plans for the Creation of a Research-oriented University System that aimed to put the school in a dominant position in research fields, collected opinions of members, and provided administrative and financial support for the addition of Law, Medical, and Business schools to the University system. Also, to train excellent human resources and accelerate the stabilization of the school’s research-oriented system, the school participated in 2-step BK 21 with 10 project groups and 20 core project teams. The University further integrated similar or overlapping programs and restructured education units. Especially, the University was selected as proponent of Human Resources Development through the Korean Music Education Reform System in 2004 and of Human Resources Development through Performing-arts- & Film-oriented Integration Education in 2005. Also, the University’s Graduate School of Human Resources Development was established as a part of the National & Regional Human Resources Development through the Establishment of a Global HRD Academy project.

The successful attainment of such projects depends on the addition of educational and research facilities, financial and human resources support, and the concession and collaboration of members of the school family.
Accordingly, the University is concentrating on increasing its facilities, including with the addition of a Law building, dormitories, and the Integrated Research Complex in its first campus, and the Student Welfare Hall and the Research Complex in its second campus. Such efforts not only led the school to rank highest among Undergraduate Schools and graduate schools in Korea in 2006, but they also helped spread the CAU spirit. The school hopes that its CAU 2018 project would have made the University world-renowned by the time it celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018.

As of March 2006, Chung-Ang University has produced 131,458 bachelor’s degree holders, 24,062 master’s degree holders, and 3,552 doctors from one graduate school, two professional graduate schools, 12 specialized graduate schools, and 18 undergraduate Undergraduate Schools that comprise 16 divisions, 14 faculties, and 68 departments.

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