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Chung-Ang University is now aiming to become one of the leading education institutions in the world by 2018, its centennial year. It has already set an innovative pace in internationalizing its campus.

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History History

  • Foundation of chung-Ang Kindergarten
  • Chung-Ang as a Professional Education Institution
  • Dr. Louise Vim and Dreams of Chung-Ang
  • Development and Oppression
  • Korean Uberation and the Roles of Chung-Ang
  • Chung-Ang as a University
  • Improving the Quality of the University
  • Paving Stones for the Future
  • Expansion of the Second Campus and the Years of Throe
  • Chung-Ang’s New Era with the Chairman Dr. Hee-Su Kim
  • Byproducts of Democratization and the Confusion in the University
  • Paving Stones for the Realization of the School’s Educational Philosophy
  • Establishment of Dragon 2018 and Its Accomplishment through MBO Method
  • Constructing the New Chung-Ang through Creation and Integration
  • Chung-Ang University, From the Center of Korea To the World

Establishment of Dragon 2018 and Its Accomplishment through MBO Method

At the onset of the new millennium, i.e., in February 2011, Dr. Myung-Soo Park was inaugurated as the 11th president of Chung- Ang University.
He introduced the principles of the New Vision, the New Culture, and the New Action for the Creation of a New Chung-Ang through Changes and Development. He also presented a new university development plan called Dragon 2018.

Dragon 2018, which combines two terms of the school symbol, the blue dragon, and the 100th anniversary of the school, the year 2018, is a general university development plan for both the short term and the long term that sets goals and indices that the school wanted to reach by its 100th anniversary to improve its education, research, and learning environments.
Dragon 2018, which includes the collective opinions of the foundation, the school, the association of the university professors, the staff labor union, the student association, and the alumni association and which began in October 2002, contains practical, amendable, and flexible plans along with yearly objectives based on the method of MBO, which makes it possible to evaluate and carry out achievements each year. Such strategic and incremental plans enabled the school to change significantly in response to the multimedia era. First of all, it began with the UI project that integrated the school symbols in newly esigned images and colors. Furthermore, the closed main gate was replaced with symbolic statues without fences.
In addition, the College of Korean Music was established in March 2001 and the Graduate School of Korean Music in October 2002. As part of the implementation of Dragon 2018, the Chung-Ang family promoted their education- and research specializations through the Chung-Ang Team and Chung-Ang Infra for the University infrastructure, and formulated a master plan that included the construction of a medical campus, faculty buildings, a gymnasium, a multipurpose complex, the Korean Music building, the Student Life Hall, and an athletic dormitory. As a whole, Dragon 2018, which led the school’s development and the improvement of its vision, strategies, and environments for education, research, administration, and facilities, paved the way for the integration of the Chung-Ang family.

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