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  1. [News 1]

    Jin Shunji Appointed as Assistant Prof at Kunming Univ of Science and Technology

    Jin Shunji, class of 2014 graduate with PhD in Accounting, was appointed as assistant professor of China’s Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST) this April. KUST was established in

  2. [News 1]

    3 Profs Receive KOFST Science & Technology Outstanding Paper Award

     <From left to right: Profs Kim Won-Yong, Kim Han-Gu, Choi Young>   Head of CAU Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation and School of Medicine Prof Kim Won-Yong, School of Medici

  3. [News 1]

    2014 TRIZ Certification Level-2 Training Held on Campus

    CAU Accredited Engineering Education System Center (ABEEK) hosted a 4-day “TRIZ International Certification Level-2 Training” at Bldg 208(College of Engineering Bldg) from July 8th to July 11th. ‘T

  4. [News 1]

    AACSB Committee Member Visits CAU

     Lee Michael Tian-Shyug, Dean of College of Management of Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taiwan and an initial accreditation committee member of the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Bu

  5. [News 1]

    CAU Dept of Intl Logistics Signs MOU with Two Chinese Universities

    CAU’s Department of International Logistics signed MOUs with China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Maritime University. CAU Inc. Executive Director Moon Hee-Jong, CAU Academic Affairs E

  6. [News 1]

    CAU Business and Economics Students Visit Nagasaki University

    CAU’s College of Business and Economics students visited Japan’s Nagasaki University from June 29th to July 5th in part of a 1-week exchange program. 10 undergrads majoring in Business and Economics

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