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  1. [News 1]

    2014 Emergency Preparedness Exercise on Campus

    A Table Top Exercise (TTX) in part of the 2014 Emergency Preparedness Exercise was conducted on campus on Oct 24. Organized by the university’s Construction and Management Team, CAU President Lee Yon

  2. [News 1]

    CAU Signs MoU with PwC Consulting

    CAU signed a MoU with PwC Consulting on Oct 27 to strengthen the industry-academic ties. At the ceremony of the signing, CAU President Lee Yong-Goo, EVP for Administration Kim Chang-Su, Dean of C

  3. [News 1]

    Class of ‘84 Celebrates Homecoming Day

     Alums gathered for the ‘Class of ‘84 Homecoming Day’ on campus on Oct 18 (*Class of ’84 in this article refers to alums who entered CAU in 1984). Hosted by the Office of Development & Al

  4. [News 1]

    CAU Hospital’s Kim Beom Joon & Team Discover Topical Epidermal Growth Factor as New Treatment for Hair Loss

    Various factors including stress or lifestyle, temporary spike in testosterone account for the gradual increase in hair loss patients. But the approved treatment options available at the moments

  5. [News 1]

    CAU Celebrating 96th Anniversary

    A ceremony to celebrate CAU’s 96th anniversary was held at the R&D Center, Seoul campus on Oct 8. CAU Foundation Chairperson Park Yong-Sung, President Lee Yong-Goo and Alumni Association Chairper

  6. [News 1]

    CAU Hospital’s Kim Beom-Joon Team Confirms Positive Effect of Human Growth Factors and Hyaluronic Acid Serum

     Wrinkles are what make the skin look older. Currently there is a number of anti-aging products that are being researched and released and a growing interest on various anti-aging components. &nb

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