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    CAU Department of International Logistics Launches a Training Program in Russia

     The Center for Logistics Entrepreneurship in Northeast Asia under the Department of International Logistics launched a five-day overseas training program in Russia. The program is designed to in

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    CAU-Yozma Group Sign a MoU to Establish CAU Creative Studio with Yozma

      President Lee Yong-goo poses with Yigal Erlich (left), chairman of Yozma Group, after signing a MoU  Chung-Ang University joined hands with Yozma Group, an Israeli company specia

  4. [News 1]

    Multimedia Design and Business Course Students Visits Google YouTube Space

     Chung-Ang University (CAU) students who successfully completed “Multimedia Design and Business” course in Spring 2015 visited the Google YouTube Space in Tokyo, Japan. The course was

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    CAU Red Cross College of Nursing Paves the Way for an Exchange with UAE

      (From left to right) Vice Chancellor Dr. S.Gurumadhva Rao, Prof. Choi Kyung-sook and Dean of RAKCoN Dr. Vijaya CAU Red Cross College of Nursing has worked to promote exchanges with nu

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    The 4th BEYOND Summer Camp with Vietnamese Youths

    On July 20, a welcoming ceremony was held for 37 Vietnamese students arrived at Chung-Ang University (CAU). The ceremony opened the 4th BEYOND Summer Camp, organized by CAU International Education Cen

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