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  1. [News 1]

    GSAIM BK21+ Team Launches an Academic Journal

    Last February, the GSAIM-affiliated Global Creative Content Expert Nurturing Team sponsored by the national BK21Plus research fund launched an academic journal TechArt for international readers, aimin

  2. [News 1]

    Vice President of Umea University, Sweden, Visited

    The delegation from Umea University, Sweden, had a meeting with CAU Vice President for International Affairs Hong Jun-hyeon at bldg.201 on March 27. Along with Vice President Hong, 3 CAU officials wel

  3. [News 1]

    2014 APAIE Conference & Exhibition Ends Successfully

    The 2014 Conference & Exhibition of the Asia Pacific Association of International Education came to its successful end on March 20 with the closing ceremony held at aT Center, Seoul. More than 1,5

  4. [News 1]

    CAU Welcomes Univ. Presidents Coming to Korea for APAIE

    CAU held a reception ceremony on March 21 for university presidents who visited Korea for 2014 APAIE conference. CAU President Lee Yong-goo, Vice President for International Affairs Hong Jun-hyeon, an

  5. [News 1]

    CAU to Exchage Students with the US Iowa State University

    The deputy vice president of the Iowa State University, the US, visited the CAU International Center on March 21. CAU Vice President for International Affairs Hong Jun-hyeon, Vice President for Develo

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